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This guitar falls under the category of special construction.  A lot of time and effort was put into the design and build of this project.  Please note that this is not a kit or off the shelf guitar.

The objective was to build a Stratocaster type guitar with a B-bender system to achieve the sounds of a pedal steel guitar.  I wanted it to be light weight, well balanced, reliable, versatile and very responsive while retaining its tuning.

For those of you not familiar with a B-bender system here are a few basics.  The Stratocaster body has been routed and modified to accommodate the B-bender mechanism.  There is an adjustable stop that the player sets to the desired pitch.  When downward pressure is applied to the neck it raises the pitch of the B-string.  The mechanism is concealed by the white cover on the back of the guitar.

1930 National Duolian

Thought it only fitting to feature the guitar used in the introductory song, Classic Spokes & Strings, on the home page. 

This resonator guitar is well worn and played but this old girl still has plenty of mojo left in her!

Resonator guitars are often associated with slide and blues players.

Guitars & Amplifiers

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Classic Spokes & Strings ®

B-Bender Stratocaster played through an

          Early 1950s Gibson GA-20 Amp

1956 Magnatone Mark III Guitar 

     with Original Case & Hang Tag

Featuring a single pickup, through neck design, and the Perfecto-Tuned offset bridge with four way adjustable string guides.


1959 Magnatone 280 Amplifier

    with Original Cover & Foot Switch

This stereo amp features the true pitch shifting vibrato which is what sets it apart from other amps of the day.

Check out the 3 demos below to hear how they sound!

People ask me what came first, the love for motorcycles or guitars?  Why do I have to choose?

There were a few major players each contributing his own attributes towards the development of electric guitars including Leo Fender and Les Paul.  A third player, Paul Bigsby, is the one responsible for throwing the switch that brought both worlds together for me.

Paul Bigsby had ties not only with Indian and Crocker Motorcycles, he also designed and built electric guitars for the likes of Merle Travis and others.  These guitars are extremely rare.  For more information on Paul Bigsby please reference the Company History page on The Bigsby® Guitars & Vibratos Official Website at

Bigsby was hired by the Magnatone Company in 1956 & 1957.  He designed the Mark III, IV & V Series guitars.  These guitars were introduced to go with their amplifier line-up.  For more information on Magnatone, please visit the website